Filippa Kaye

Actress | Singer | Dancer | Musician

     A London based, multilingual performer and creative. With many skills under her belt, her credits include Actor-Musician and Musical Theatre shows, TV series (Brave New World, Bulletproof II, Cursed), live gigs and concerts, dancing and training under esteemed choreographers, working on feature films (Fantastic Beasts, The Dig) and taking on intriguing theatre roles. 

     Filippa started her dancing and music studies at a young age and quickly developed a love for expressing herself through the arts. Throughout her teenage years, she kept training and performing in school productions, whilst, on the side, she started to find her own voice through original songs and small plays. Her first full play was put on at her school, with all her classmates playing a part each and their teacher helping with the direction. A couple of years later, her first fully orchestrated original song was performed by the school orchestra at a national competition and was awarded the first prize. Being fortunate enough to grow up in such a supportive environment and to be surrounded by teachers that saw the value of art in education, Filippa experienced first hand the power of a support system around artists, as well as the strength that lies in teamwork. Since then, she has made an ongoing mission of hers to promote the importance of providing young kids and teenagers with opportunities to explore their creative voices.

    When she was 18, Filippa got into The Physics University of Athens, where she completed a year before she decided to pause her studies and pursue her true passion, and a career in the performing arts. At the age of 19, she moved to London to begin her studies at Laine Theatre Arts. 3 years later, she graduated, receiving the Acting Cup Award of the year alongside a fellow student. Since then, Filippa has continued her studies in Sam Rumbelow's Method Acting Class, kept her dance training going at Pineapple dance studios, and has started teaching and working professionally in the industry. 

     Her creative work expands mainly on writing and composing, and counts several songs, a Children's Play and a Musical parody based on the ancient Greek poem "The Odyssey". As a solo artist, her original songs fall mainly under the Pop/Rock genre with Country influences. Filippa is currently putting the finishing touches on her first full-length English musical called "Entwined", whilst working on a new exciting project with her Musical Theatre Writing partner, Jerold Chu.


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